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Radio Frequency creates heat in the skin which stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen and elastin fibres are tightened which give a smoother, more refined texture.

With Thermavisage, Radio Frequency is used in combination with vacuum suction to improve lymph drainage and remove impurities from the skin to give glowing, brighter skin. This is a warm, comfortable treatment which gives an immediate improvement but best results are obtained with a course of once weekly treatments.


Combining Radio Frequency with HydraFacial MD, Hydratite is facial treatment that will relax, cleanse, hydrate and tighten the skin all in one.

HydraFacial removes impurities from the skin, while at the same time pumping essential nutrients in, and thanks to its hydrating properties, the Hydrafacial enhances the effects of Radio Frequency.

Great for ageing issues such as sagging jowls this unique HydraTite treatment will leave you with a shining complexion and a healthy glow.

Price List

Single Treatment (60 mins) £68

Hydratite (90 mins) £150

Course of 10 Radio Frequency with 10% discount £612


Radio Frequency will help give tighter and smoother skin.

Although improvement can be seen (and felt!) after one treatment, results are cumulative.


  • How often should I have treatments?

    A course of 10 weekly treatments is best for longer lasting results. Once every 5 days is the minimum as this is the time it takes for results to settle in the skin before having another treatment.

  • What does radio frequency feel like?

    Lovely, warm, very relaxing!

  • Is there any downtime?

    Your skin may be pink blush for a day after the treatment. Otherwise there is no downtime and you may put on makeup (mineral recommended) after your treatment.