The AlumierMD Luxury Facial combines relaxation with high performing active ingredients to address your skin concerns.

This treatment includes a deep cleanse, facial massage, lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage that will help release toxins in the skin.

I will customise your treatment to target your specific skin concerns, which will leave you looking incredibly radiant and feeling refreshed and balanced.

Price List

Alumier Luxury Facial (60 mins) £80


The lymphatic drainage included in this highly luxurious facial helps to reduce puffiness and tension in the skin, thus promoting better circulation as well as leaving the skin incredibly hydrated.


  • How long does the treatment last and when will I see results?

    This facial is carried out in 1 hour and results can be seen immediately! I do recommend trying to book a facial in every four to six weeks at a minimum so you are able to gain better long term and longer lasting results.

  • Can you treat sensitive skin?

    Yes, this treatment is suitable for all types of skin. If you are ever unsure, please contact me for a free skin consultation.

  • Is there any aftercare required after this facial?

    As with all of the facials I offer at the Skin Society, I always recommend avoiding going out in the sun afterwards. I always apply an SPF to client’s skin before leaving the salon for extra protection. If you would like to apply makeup after your facial, I would recommend using mineral based products.